Some Tips About Wedding Receptions

Winter is a fairly cold season, there are few people get married in winter for the reason that the temperature in winter is fairly cold. However, I think winter is very romantic More »

Know About Wedding Rings

Are you planning a wedding and looking for wedding rings? Here are a few facts you should know about them: Custom Of Giving Wedding Rings Began In Ancient Egypt Wedding rings have More »

Films About Weddings

Wedding antics, commitment issues and the fickle human heart have always been an amusing source of script-adisiac for movie makers over the years. Here are a pick of some of the most More »

Do You Know About Weddings

If you are planning a wedding, or just enjoy them, you may think that you know quite a bit about weddings. Chances are that you do! But do you know all that More »

Things About Wedding Dresses

Let’s face it, one of the most wonderful and exciting things about getting married is your wedding dress! Whether you’re girlie or not – everyone enjoys the dressing up aspect of a More »

Know About Wedding Rings

Are you planning a wedding and looking for wedding rings? Here are a few facts you should know about them:

Custom Of Giving Wedding Rings Began In Ancient Egypt

Wedding rings have been used for thousands of years to confirm union of two people. The custom began in ancient Egypt where the rings were given as the last thing from a series of gifts traditionally given as betrothal gifts.

Although, the ring is used in the same way today, ring styles have changed over the years. Currently, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

A Wedding Ring Is A Symbol Of A Contract

A wedding ring brings two people together who are entering into a binding contract. The ring also symbolizes the love that two people have. Due to this, you should treat the ring as a very important item. One of the ways of doing it is ensuring that the ring you buy is of high quality and made from a precious metal.

You Should Wear The Ring On The Right Hand

The right hand is the hand for

All About Wedding Reviews

Wedding reviews are a source of great insight. All you need to know about weddings can be found in good wedding reviews. Reviews will help you gauge the kind of wedding you would like to have. Weddings are very important in life; they mark the onset of committed love and trust. For this reason, a lot is placed on making the occasions especially perfect. Good reviews will provide information on different aspects of weddings and even provide a platform for rating various weddings. Many reviews can be done by guests or people observing the wedding. It is true that most people will review a wedding even without putting it on paper; when invited to a particular wedding. This comes naturally to many of us. You will be concerned about the kind of dresses and gowns they will be having on. Reviews help us in various ways and apart from gauging different events, they help us improve.

Wedding reviews will reveal some of the flaws that were clearly evident and, as you plan your wedding, you will be in a position to avoid the pitfalls. Apart from how the wedding

All About Wedding Candles

A wedding without any candle is so not a wedding. It is hard to imagine a very significant day – a religious ceremony – without the soft glow of candles that create solemnity and romance into a wedding ceremony. Wedding candles serve different purposes and meanings. Read this article and you will know all about wedding candles.

Unity Candles

The unity candles are usually used to symbolically unite the bride and groom, as well as their family during the wedding ceremony. Representing the couple, the two tapered candles are often placed on the side of a larger pillar candle, on a small table on the altar. They will have to be located where the couple can easily reach them. Anyone from the family or wedding attendants can pre-lit the side, taper candles during the ceremony. The ceremony officiate should give comments about the significance of the unity candle during the lighting ceremony. After which, it is the turn of the bride and groom to light the unity candle, which the flame symbolizes their new life together as husband and wife. The taper candles on both side may be

Some Tips About Wedding Receptions

Winter is a fairly cold season, there are few people get married in winter for the reason that the temperature in winter is fairly cold. However, I think winter is very romantic for newlyweds, and I consider you can have a marvelous and awesome wedding in winter as well if you can pay attention to some details. I’d like to share something about wedding receptions in winter with you in this article.

You know, winter is a season full of holidays. We have spring festival, New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Legal holidays are always very alive and busy, if you want to get married in winter, try to avoid holding wedding celebrations in the legal holidays, just choose someday before or after the holidays.

Sometimes I will confused about the place for wedding. Since winter is rather cold, the place for wedding should not be far from my friends’ and relatives’ home. Do you think so?Maybe you should take conveniency into consideration. The venue should looks warm and gentle, besides, it should not be too spacious and the lights in the hall should set as warm tone. There should be some supermarkets and

Films About Weddings

Wedding antics, commitment issues and the fickle human heart have always been an amusing source of script-adisiac for movie makers over the years. Here are a pick of some of the most enjoyable romantic wedding comedies, in no particular order, where getting to the alter is mostly heart touching but can also get our protagonists into some seriously embarrassing boiling hot water!

1. My Best Friends Wedding

Starring Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney, two best friends make a pact to marry if they are both still single in their late twenties. Cameron Diaz also co-stars as Michael’s (Dermot Mulroney) fiancée who comes between the two friends as they realize they have more than strong feelings of friendship towards each other.

2. Four Weddings and a Funeral

“Four Weddings and a Funeral”, don’t be fooled by the name…it’s a comedy. It stars too many stars with too many cameos to name, however, the main protagonist (who you will surely recognize) is Hugh Grant. With an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, this amusing, intelligent, British script, is a must see for black comedy at its best.

3. Father of the Bride

Steve Martin stars as the

Do You Know About Weddings

If you are planning a wedding, or just enjoy them, you may think that you know quite a bit about weddings. Chances are that you do! But do you know all that there is to know? Take this quiz to find out…

1. In the United States, brides typically wear a white gown. Chinese brides, however, have another favorite color. Is it:
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Yellow

2. The first bride to popularize the wearing of a white bridal gown was:
a) Cleopatra
b) Grace Kelly
c) Queen Victoria

3. Pearl bridal jewelry has long been a favorite of brides. Did the wearing of bridal jewelry created from pearls become standard in the Victorian era or was it earlier?

4. Why did brides begin wearing bridal veils?
a) To confuse the evil spirits who were out to harm them
b) Because it was done in the Old Testament of the Bible
c) To hide their tears as they walk down the aisle

5. True or False: You have a year after the wedding to send a thank you note for gifts received.

6. In the United States, husbands and wives wear

Things About Wedding Dresses

Let’s face it, one of the most wonderful and exciting things about getting married is your wedding dress! Whether you’re girlie or not – everyone enjoys the dressing up aspect of a wedding, and as the bride, your outfit is the most important of all. So let’s celebrate the wedding gown and look at the best 5 things about wedding dresses:

1.You get to play dressing up!

Most of us wear the same kind of clothes day to day – uniform, work outfit, suit or jeans and a t-shirt. Unless you have a spectacularly busy social life, not many of us get to wear special clothes very often. On your wedding day, however, you have free rein to wear whatever you like! As extravagant, sparkly or different to your normal style as you choose! No one will bat an eyelid, and in fact, they will expect you to turn up and turn heads.

2. It draws all the attention to you

Perhaps this is obvious, but be prepared to be the centre of attention on your wedding day, and rightly so! No one else will be wearing an outfit quite like yours, and you

The Three Most Talked About Weddings

When world-famous celebrities, blue-blood royalty and beautiful people enter the bonds of matrimony, the media starts talking at a frantic pace and everyone stops to stare. When reality TV sensation Kim Kardashian married NBA player Kris Humphries, 10 million watched on television, and silver screen starlet Elizabeth Taylor had eight extravagant weddings. Although many celebrity weddings are hot topics, they don’t compare to these historic weddings.

Grace Kelly and Monaco’s Prince Rainier
Known for her poise and style, Grace Kelly left the movie business just six years into her high-powered Hollywood career. Billed by the press as the wedding of the century, the film industry and the general public were buzzing as they realized that one of Hollywood’s premier starlets was finished making films. Ironically, Grace Kelly first met Prince Rainier on a trip to participate in the Cannes Film Festival and a photo shoot at the Palace of Monaco. Before the 1956 wedding, Grace and her family produced a $2 million dowry to ensure the engagement and wedding would proceed.

When Grace Kelly arrived in Monaco with her family, her poodle and 80 pieces of luggage, 20,000 admirers lined the streets. Their dual-ceremony wedding featured

What Are Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the most important part of every wedding ceremony. They symbolize the union of husband and wife. Did you know that in some countries and cultures, they have different myths and legends about wedding rings?
According to Egyptians and other cultures, the ring is a symbol of eternity because it is round. For them, it has no beginning and no end. The round shape of the ring was the same as the sun and moon that were worshiped. The hole in the center of the ring is also important for them because it symbolizes gateways or doors.

Nowadays, most of us wear the ring on our third finger of our left hand. Most of the people I know when asked why they are wearing the ring on their third finger of left hand, usually answer, “Because it is closest to the heart”. This is the belief most of us believed. My mother said that is because the vein on the third finger of the left hand connects to the heart. Why in the left hand and not in the right? Well, aside from the reason that the left hand has veins to the heart, other

About Wedding Florists

How do you envision your dream wedding? Are you floating down the aisle carrying a bouquet of the most breathtaking flowers ever seen? Do you imagine scores of flowers covering the altar and decorating the reception tables? If so, you will need the help of a great florist to help your dream become a reality. Not all florists are equal, however, and these are ten things that every bride should know about wedding florists.

  1. Each florist has a unique style; look for one with a similar taste to your own. In other words, if every picture in a florist’s album shows very traditional rose and baby’s breath centerpieces, don’t assume that she will be able to recreate the spectacular custom wedding centerpieces made from cherry blossoms, orchids, and dangling crystal jewelry drops that you just saw on “Platinum Brides”. You are better off finding a florist who regularly designs the style of arrangements that you want.
  2. Many florists can do a lot more than just provide flowers. Some also offer wedding planning services, or rentals for everything from tablelinens to custom lighting. This can be a real lifesaver for a time-pressed bride.
  3. Trust their guidance. You hire a professional

Things That You Should Know About Wedding Florists

Is your wedding around the corner? If yes, you will need to look for a wedding florist. If you do a search online today, you can find many wedding florists around. With so many choices, whom do you choose? In this article, let me share with you 8 things that you should know about wedding florist:

1. You should look for a florist who shares a similar taste with you. There are many ways to decorate a wedding event and every florist has her own way to do it. So you should choose a florist who has a similar taste to your own.

2. If you hire a professional florist, trust their guidance. Professional florists have a lot of experience in floral decoration. You can let her know your ideas but always listen to what she is going to say. This is the reason why you hire a professional.

3. Ask whether the florist provides more than floral decoration. Some wedding florists offer more than just flowers. They also provide wedding planning services and photography.

4. Check out their prices before you commit. Prices fluctuate with demand. Sometimes depending on period such as Valentine’s

About Wedding Photography

Sydney is a city blessed with amazing beauty. Beauty found in natural rock formations, in a sparkling harbour and in the most world-renowned and unique buildings. Beauty that enhances the beauty of every bride. That’s wedding photography Sydney style wedding photos set against the most gorgeous backdrops available anywhere in the world…

The location opportunities for wedding photography Sydney has on offer are endless. The harbour and Opera House are timeless classics. However they aren’t to every brides liking or realistic for every couple.

The views from the Rocks, Observatory Hill, the Botanic Gardens or Opera House are out of the question for majority of the people if you are not having a city-based wedding. The travel time to the wedding photo location shoot and the added stress which places upon the day aren’t worth the result. There are good-looking buildings and features all over the city of Sydney and in each direction.

A more candid, natural and in certain ways photo journalistic style is being adopted by the style of wedding photography. Its about wedding photographers capturing the essence of the day. It is a wedding photo style in which photographers are in the

About Wedding Jewellery You Never Thought of Asking

Over the years I’ve made many pieces of wedding jewellery and advised more brides then I can remember. This article condenses 4 years of experience down to the top 5 most common questions about wedding jewellery.

Should I buy my wedding jewellery from the same place?

Not necessarily!

If you’ve seen a necklace online but fell in love with a bracelet in a boutique shop then there’s no reason why you can’t have both (as long as you have the budget that is). Just stick by the following rules:

  • Stick with the same colour metal
  • Choose the same stone, so if your bracelet is made from crystal bead your other accessories should also have crystal beads, same for diamante and pearls.
  • Select jewellery with the same colours so if your bracelet has got clear AB crystals and ivory pearls your necklace should have too.

What type of wedding jewellery should I buy?

You’re jewellery should match your wedding dress, so if you dress has diamante detailing then their should be some diamantes in your jewellery. If your dress has a combination of stones such as pearls, crystals and diamantes, then you can use all

Facts About Wedding Planners

The responsibilities of a wedding planner are some of the most important leading up to and on the day of a wedding. These professionals often juggle coordinating multiple rehearsal dinners, weddings, and receptions at one time. As many weddings are typically planned up to a year in advance, the wedding planner must be an extremely organized and time-oriented person. For those interested in becoming or learning more about wedding planning, here is some information:

There are many steps involved in coordinating a wedding with a planner. The planner must meet with the couple to plan out the events that will happen preceding, during, and after the wedding, as well as the budget, colors, and general style of the couple. This initial meeting is very important for the planner, as it will begin to outline the wedding events and all the details that must accompany this special occurrence.

Some wedding planners choose to “specialize” in a certain area. While they are well-rehearsed in all areas of wedding planning, some may be extremely organized and detail-oriented, while others have fantastic style taste that will help with choosing the wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen tuxedos, flowers, lighting, invitations, etc.

Want To Know More About Wedding

Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of Sketchandtravel and Bookpleasures is pleased to have as a guest Judy Allen. Judy is the author of Your Stress Free Wedding Planner (Sourcebooks, Inc.), as well as five professional books on event planning (John Wiley and Sons).

Judy has created-produced-orchestrated special events in over 30 countries for up to
2,000 guests.

Good day Judy and thank you for agreeing to our interview.


Judy, could you tell us something about yourself and how you became involved in wedding planning?


I started out in travel and managing one of the highest producing offices for a national chain. As part of my office’s growth, I developed corporate business, which evolved into handling all of their corporate events such as incentives, conferences, conventions, product launches and social corporate branding events.
Subsequently, I joined one of the leading incentive houses to design custom one- of- a kind events around the world for corporate clients.

Over ten years ago, I opened my own special events company. As a result, I have created-produced-orchestrated corporate and social special events around the world for over fifteen years, including the gala theatrical opening for

About Wedding Centerpieces

Having a perfect wedding is a dream of most couples. They want to have their wedding day as the most perfect event of their lives.

No wonder why many people are so engaged into wedding planning because the numerous details of the wedding should never be taken for granted. From the invitations down to the reception, every detail must be meticulously considered.

Take for example the wedding centerpieces. For some events, centerpieces are not that important and may not take much of preparation and consideration. But with weddings, these beautiful embellishments usually found in the reception are extremely important as these items, likewise, set the mood in the area.

Wedding centerpieces are not necessarily the “center of attraction” in the event. But they do complement the bride and the group along with the other details of the wedding.

Normally, wedding centerpieces are not included in the reception or the catering; hence, it is a must that you hire the best provider of wedding centerpieces.

So, for people who wish to obtain some tips on choosing wedding centerpieces, here are some pointers that you could use:

1. In most cases, flowers are the

A Rant About Weddings

Weddings can be expensive. Have you seen the recent study? $20,000 for an average wedding! That is twenty thousand dollars! So listen to my rant about weddings, and find solutions, and tips also.

There are many options when it comes to weddings. Wedding abroad, weddings locally, weddings a bit far off, or even at home.

Weddings don’t have to cost $20,000. They could cost $2 million dollars! And they can cost $500. The choice is ours. However that study was the averages. So we know some lucky women got 2 million dollar weddings!

Where do you spend that money to make a wedding? It can easily happen with a liberal budget for an important day!

There are ways to save though. Recently a report said that wedding stores are cutting labels off wedding dresses. Why? Because people go to see a dress, get an idea, so they can go to an alternative route.

What is that route? You guessed it! It is the internet. People are making big savings online. Yes, wedding stores are having a tough time, but it is understandable, but cutting labels?

The best solution is to start off

All About Wedding Photography

Any wedding day is an amazing experience for both the bride and groom as they look to take the next steps of their lives together. Nevertheless, the events leading up to the BIG DAY can often become overwhelming. The planning, organizing, and getting everything perfectly set for that one special day. An opportunity which could greatly limit the stress experienced by the wedding party exists when you benefit from professional wedding photography. An experienced wedding photographer has more wedding experience than most couples realise and since their role includes every aspect of a wedding day they know a lot about weddings.

Its essential to identify specific aspects of your day which should be photographed while seeking out the ideal wedding photographer for you. The risk of making use of low-cost or inexperienced photographers can often prove catastrophic when it comes to the final results of your wedding album.

Just like the wedding day, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many couples and not photographing the perfect shot at the perfect time can be incredibly disappointing. When you make use of experienced, professional wedding photographers you will discover they have the knowledge of the significance of this

Decisions About Wedding Stationary

Choosing your wedding stationery deserves utmost importance in making the wedding a grand success. The wedding stationary should be selected according to the colour, theme and the style of the wedding. A well thought out plan will have to be chalked up before the selection of the stationary. The wedding stationery should be a reflection of your personality and it should also convey the details about the wedding in an effective manner. You will have to make the guests feel the quality of the ceremony with wedding stationary. Quality stationary will always be informative as well as creative. You have the liberty of choosing from the plenty and a judicious selection depending on the theme of the wedding will make the difference.

Internet – the best source of information

Most of the people are of the opinion that internet is the best source of information available. Novel concepts and new trends about wedding stationary are available in quality wedding websites. It is not the concepts alone but you can also purchase different types of wedding invitations and other stationary online. The unnecessary complications involved with the traditional way of purchasing like waiting in the long queues,

About Wedding Catering

Whether you are helping out a loved one, or planning your wedding yourself, these common questions and answers can get you started in the right direction. Learn the basics of what you need to know about wedding catering right here, and you will be one step closer to coordinating the perfect catering program for your special day.

How Much Does it Cost to Cater a Wedding?

The total price to cater a wedding depends on numerous factors. Every bride, groom, and couple are different, which makes all weddings unique. Factors that influence the overall cost of catering a wedding are similar to the factors that contribute to the overall cost of your wedding altogether.

Such factors include the guest count, number of staff required, type of catering service, type of food, bar service, add-on amenities (i.e. ice luge, chocolate fountains, breakdown service, table linens, china, etc.), and much more. On average, you can expect the cost to cater a traditional wedding to be between $25 and $45 per person. For a customized estimate, you would need to talk to your catering company of choice.

What Will a Wedding Caterer Do?

Wedding caterers have