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A Rant About Weddings

Weddings can be expensive. Have you seen the recent study? $20,000 for an average wedding! That is twenty thousand dollars! So listen to my rant about weddings, and find solutions, and tips also.

There are many options when it comes to weddings. Wedding abroad, weddings locally, weddings a bit far off, or even at home.

Weddings don’t have to cost $20,000. They could cost $2 million dollars! And they can cost $500. The choice is ours. However that study was the averages. So we know some lucky women got 2 million dollar weddings!

Where do you spend that money to make a wedding? It can easily happen with a liberal budget for an important day!

There are ways to save though. Recently a report said that wedding stores are cutting labels off wedding dresses. Why? Because people go to see a dress, get an idea, so they can go to an alternative route.

What is that route? You guessed it! It is the internet. People are making big savings online. Yes, wedding stores are having a tough time, but it is understandable, but cutting labels?

The best solution is to start off from the internet. Wedding stores are not there for perusing finding better bargains online.

Weddings can be expensive, but why not start from the internet? The result is great bargains, and with the right places, you have the option of being able to return items you don’t like, as long as they are kept in the same condition as they were received.

All About Wedding Photography

Any wedding day is an amazing experience for both the bride and groom as they look to take the next steps of their lives together. Nevertheless, the events leading up to the BIG DAY can often become overwhelming. The planning, organizing, and getting everything perfectly set for that one special day. An opportunity which could greatly limit the stress experienced by the wedding party exists when you benefit from professional wedding photography. An experienced wedding photographer has more wedding experience than most couples realise and since their role includes every aspect of a wedding day they know a lot about weddings.

Its essential to identify specific aspects of your day which should be photographed while seeking out the ideal wedding photographer for you. The risk of making use of low-cost or inexperienced photographers can often prove catastrophic when it comes to the final results of your wedding album.

Just like the wedding day, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many couples and not photographing the perfect shot at the perfect time can be incredibly disappointing. When you make use of experienced, professional wedding photographers you will discover they have the knowledge of the significance of this day is for you and will go out of their way so as to capture every shot desired.

Of course, when it comes to selecting the most effective wedding photographers for you, any company or individual could put on a professional face. What it ultimately comes down to is the rapport you have with these photographers, their previous work, and what they would offer your wedding party. When working with people who have a multitude of experience, and continuous positive feedback, you can feel confident that you are making the best decision for your event. When working with photographers who have experience, and a specialist attitude, you will find they could help you in obtaining the photographic memories you dream of.

A professional photographer also brings wedding photography options you don’t have with an amateur. You aren’t limited to a style, or to happy snaps, you can benefit from the ability of the photographer to capture different candid, formal, natural and even photo journalistic styles. You will have great wedding photography location advice at your fingertips. Advice regarding proximity to your venues, lighting for the time of day, and general timing guides for your entire wedding day. This could provide guidance to you in getting the final wedding photography results you like. Wedding photographs that capture your individual style and wedding day your way.

Decisions About Wedding Stationary

Choosing your wedding stationery deserves utmost importance in making the wedding a grand success. The wedding stationary should be selected according to the colour, theme and the style of the wedding. A well thought out plan will have to be chalked up before the selection of the stationary. The wedding stationery should be a reflection of your personality and it should also convey the details about the wedding in an effective manner. You will have to make the guests feel the quality of the ceremony with wedding stationary. Quality stationary will always be informative as well as creative. You have the liberty of choosing from the plenty and a judicious selection depending on the theme of the wedding will make the difference.

Internet – the best source of information

Most of the people are of the opinion that internet is the best source of information available. Novel concepts and new trends about wedding stationary are available in quality wedding websites. It is not the concepts alone but you can also purchase different types of wedding invitations and other stationary online. The unnecessary complications involved with the traditional way of purchasing like waiting in the long queues, can be averted and more time and energy will be available for some other good things in life. Access to a huge number of wedding invitations and other types of wedding stationary will always help you to make better choices. That is why internet becomes the best source of information for wedding invites.

The importance of planning

You will have to make a clear cut plan before arriving at the decision to purchase the wedding stationary. Spelling errors and grammatical errors will make your wedding stationary look awkward and great care should be taken at time of preparation. Seeking a professional help is one of the best ways of avoiding mistakes in your wedding stationary. If the wedding is a formal one you will have to use flat cards with minimal decorative works. In the case of informal weddings, more stylish and contemporary graphics can be included. Casual weddings give you the option of having any design and you can go up to any extent in terms of decoration and style. All these things should be given proper attention well ahead of the wedding and it will make the process of choosing your wedding invitations less complicated.

How to choose the best?

Wedding stationary consists of different items like save the date, wedding invitations, evening invitations, menu cards, thank you notes, bridal shower invitations, RSVP cards, table plan/seating plan and order of service. You can select these cards according to your requirements and budget. Choosing your wedding stationery needs a fair bit of attention because the stationary and the wedding theme should go hand in hand to make the impression of a quality wedding. At the time of choosing a colour for your wedding stationary, you will have to make sure that it should be in harmony with the theme of the wedding. There have been so many items which will help you in linking the theme with the wedding stationary and they include items like hearts, rings, ribbons and white doves. It can be said that choosing the best means choosing the most suitable one which will go well with your personality, wedding theme and colour.

About Wedding Catering

Whether you are helping out a loved one, or planning your wedding yourself, these common questions and answers can get you started in the right direction. Learn the basics of what you need to know about wedding catering right here, and you will be one step closer to coordinating the perfect catering program for your special day.

How Much Does it Cost to Cater a Wedding?

The total price to cater a wedding depends on numerous factors. Every bride, groom, and couple are different, which makes all weddings unique. Factors that influence the overall cost of catering a wedding are similar to the factors that contribute to the overall cost of your wedding altogether.

Such factors include the guest count, number of staff required, type of catering service, type of food, bar service, add-on amenities (i.e. ice luge, chocolate fountains, breakdown service, table linens, china, etc.), and much more. On average, you can expect the cost to cater a traditional wedding to be between $25 and $45 per person. For a customized estimate, you would need to talk to your catering company of choice.

What Will a Wedding Caterer Do?

Wedding caterers have many jobs, but their top priority is to coordinate the food and beverage portion of your wedding to your expectations. This may include developing a menu, arranging table linens and plate ware, allocating bartenders and wait staff, and managing all aspects of delivery, setup, breakdown, and customer service. Basically, you tell them what you want and they make it happen so that you can enjoy your special day!

Are There Different Types of Wedding Catering Services?

There are infinite types of wedding catering services available since they can be customized according to each client. However, there are four common styles that seem to be popular choices for traditional weddings. These include hors D’oueuvres buffet, dinner buffet, seated plated dinner, and food stations. As for beverages, open bars, closed bars, and even BYOB programs are often used for weddings. It all depends on your personal preference, guest count, and budget.

Can I Test the Food Before I Hire a Caterer?

If a catering company tells you that you cannot test the food before hiring them as your wedding cater, do not consider them as an option. This is not a good sign. Any reputable and professional catering company provides food testing services for any potential clients. After all, how else can you be sure the food will taste great? Just keep in mind that it is common for companies to charge a fee for this service, especially during the busy season.