About Wedding Jewellery You Never Thought of Asking

Over the years I’ve made many pieces of wedding jewellery and advised more brides then I can remember. This article condenses 4 years of experience down to the top 5 most common questions about wedding jewellery.

Should I buy my wedding jewellery from the same place?

Not necessarily!

If you’ve seen a necklace online but fell in love with a bracelet in a boutique shop then there’s no reason why you can’t have both (as long as you have the budget that is). Just stick by the following rules:

  • Stick with the same colour metal
  • Choose the same stone, so if your bracelet is made from crystal bead your other accessories should also have crystal beads, same for diamante and pearls.
  • Select jewellery with the same colours so if your bracelet has got clear AB crystals and ivory pearls your necklace should have too.

What type of wedding jewellery should I buy?

You’re jewellery should match your wedding dress, so if you dress has diamante detailing then their should be some diamantes in your jewellery. If your dress has a combination of stones such as pearls, crystals and diamantes, then you can use all three in your wedding jewellery or just stick to one.

There’s a collection of matching items i.e. a necklace, bracelet and earrings should I get them all?

There’s no need to get them all, these products are created as part of a range allowing you to easily pick matching items. Some designs would look too over the top if worn together such as a wide crystal encrusted bracelet and a chunkier crystal choker. Some times choosing 1 or 2 statement pieces and by this I mean a piece of jewellery that will make an impact is enough to compliment the dress.

I didn’t take care of my silver wedding jewellery now it tarnished, how can I get it to sparkle again?

Silver by its nature tarnishes when it comes into contact with our atmosphere. You can help prevent this by storing it in an airtight dark container. If it has become tarnished you can try placing a piece of foil in a dish, sprinkling a liberal amount of bicarbonate soda on top, place your jewellery in the dish and cover with boiling water. This is safe for things that don’t contain glue or non porous stones such as crystal beads. I won’t advise you do this with fresh water pearls though. If in doubt don’t try this, your alternative is to take it to a jewellers and ask them to clean it for you.

Is it appropriate to give wedding jewellery as my bridesmaids present?

Some couples give wedding jewellery for their bridesmaids to wear on the day and bridesmaid gift others just give jewellery or a gift. It depends on your budget but remember to treat the ushers, best man and bridesmaids in the same way, if they men got cuff links and another gift such as a tankard then the bridesmaids deserve wedding jewellery and a bridesmaid present.

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