All About Wedding Candles

A wedding without any candle is so not a wedding. It is hard to imagine a very significant day – a religious ceremony – without the soft glow of candles that create solemnity and romance into a wedding ceremony. Wedding candles serve different purposes and meanings. Read this article and you will know all about wedding candles.

Unity Candles

The unity candles are usually used to symbolically unite the bride and groom, as well as their family during the wedding ceremony. Representing the couple, the two tapered candles are often placed on the side of a larger pillar candle, on a small table on the altar. They will have to be located where the couple can easily reach them. Anyone from the family or wedding attendants can pre-lit the side, taper candles during the ceremony. The ceremony officiate should give comments about the significance of the unity candle during the lighting ceremony. After which, it is the turn of the bride and groom to light the unity candle, which the flame symbolizes their new life together as husband and wife. The taper candles on both side may be left burning or extinguished.

Memorial Candles

Memorial candles symbolizes loved ones who already passed away, but significant in the lives of the couple. These candles may also be placed on the same table as with the unity candle, or on a separate table intended for memorial candles only. The memorial candles doesn’t need to be uniform, just like each person had his/her individual personality. Usually, each memorial candle will be noted with a name and relationship to the bride and/or groom.

Candles as Wedding Decorations

Romantic in nature, candles as wedding decorations can create an intimate effect in a wedding. Considering them as your wedding decors, you can find different types of candles with different designs, colors and scent that can make a perfect accent both in the ceremony as well as reception. You can find large candelabra, which are just an exquisite d├ęcor, available in many shapes, styles and finishes. Another thing why candles are a favorite choice when it comes to decorating a wedding is that, they are actually cheap! You can row votive candles along ledges, or make the centerpieces on your reception tables – cheap yet dramatic!

Candles as Wedding Favors

Another great thing that candles can do to in your wedding is to serve as your wedding favors. Candle wedding favors are becoming very popular these days, not only because they are beautiful, but also they are cheap. You can either buy pre-made candle favors or make your own at home. Both local and online stores offer a wide variety of wedding favors – from candle favors, soap favors, edible favors, useful favors to unique wedding favors. And if you opt to make your own candle favors at home, all you need to do is to purchase DIY kit for candle favor at your local craft store. Making homemade wedding candle souvenirs is very easy, as DIY kits usually include all the necessary materials and instructions that will help you.

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