Do You Know About Weddings

If you are planning a wedding, or just enjoy them, you may think that you know quite a bit about weddings. Chances are that you do! But do you know all that there is to know? Take this quiz to find out…

1. In the United States, brides typically wear a white gown. Chinese brides, however, have another favorite color. Is it:
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Yellow

2. The first bride to popularize the wearing of a white bridal gown was:
a) Cleopatra
b) Grace Kelly
c) Queen Victoria

3. Pearl bridal jewelry has long been a favorite of brides. Did the wearing of bridal jewelry created from pearls become standard in the Victorian era or was it earlier?

4. Why did brides begin wearing bridal veils?
a) To confuse the evil spirits who were out to harm them
b) Because it was done in the Old Testament of the Bible
c) To hide their tears as they walk down the aisle

5. True or False: You have a year after the wedding to send a thank you note for gifts received.

6. In the United States, husbands and wives wear their wedding bands on the ring finger of the left hand. Is this also the way that German couples wear their wedding bands?

7. There is an old saying that the bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. Traditionally, there was one more thing that she should have on her wedding day for luck. Was it:
a) A sixpence in her shoe
b) A kazoo
c)Her grandmother’s handkerchief

8. Champagne comes from France, and Prosecco comes from:
a) California
b. Australia
c. Italy

Now for the answers:
1. b) Chinese brides wear red, because it is considered a lucky color in their culture. Many brides in China will wear a traditional red gown for their ceremony and then change into a typical Western white wedding gown for the reception.

2. c) It was Queen Victoria’s 1840 all-white wedding to Prince Albert that made the white wedding gown the color of choice. Before that time, brides generally wore their best dress in any color, or wore a color like blue to symbolize fidelity.

3. Although pearls were certainly beloved by brides in the Victorian era, their use as an adornment for brides dates back to antiquity.

4. Trick question! The answer is actually a) and b). The tradition of brides wearing veils is linked to both ancient beliefs that brides were vulnerable to evil spirits and to the Bible.

5. False! Wedding guests have up to a year to send out a gift to the newlyweds. Thank you notes should be completed immediately after returning from the honeymoon, if not completed as gifts were received. Bring a nice box of stationary and your address book with you on your trip; it will give you something to do on that long plane ride home from Hawaii.

6. German couples actually wear their wedding bands on the ring finger of their right hands. In addition, it is not customary for a man to give his intended an engagement ring (poor German ladies!).

7. a) The last item to carry on your wedding day is a sixpence in your shoe, in the hopes that the marriage will be blessed with riches. If you are interested in the custom, it is possible to find old English sixpence pieces at a coin dealer. After all, who wouldn’t take all the luck they can get in that area?

8. c) Prosecco comes from Italy. It is a light and lively sparkling wine that some couples choose as an elegant but more affordable alternative to Champagne.

So how did you do? Are you ready to start planning your wedding, or do you need to brush up on your wedding trivia more first? Either way, congratulations and best wishes*!

*One last piece of wedding etiquette: did you know that it is customary to say “congratulations” to the groom, and “best wishes” to the bride? The idea is that you are congratulating the groom on his lovely bride, but that it would be unseemly to imply that you are congratulating the bride on finally snagging herself a husband!

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