Films About Weddings

Wedding antics, commitment issues and the fickle human heart have always been an amusing source of script-adisiac for movie makers over the years. Here are a pick of some of the most enjoyable romantic wedding comedies, in no particular order, where getting to the alter is mostly heart touching but can also get our protagonists into some seriously embarrassing boiling hot water!

1. My Best Friends Wedding

Starring Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney, two best friends make a pact to marry if they are both still single in their late twenties. Cameron Diaz also co-stars as Michael’s (Dermot Mulroney) fiancée who comes between the two friends as they realize they have more than strong feelings of friendship towards each other.

2. Four Weddings and a Funeral

“Four Weddings and a Funeral”, don’t be fooled by the name…it’s a comedy. It stars too many stars with too many cameos to name, however, the main protagonist (who you will surely recognize) is Hugh Grant. With an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, this amusing, intelligent, British script, is a must see for black comedy at its best.

3. Father of the Bride

Steve Martin stars as the hapless father of the bride in this classic narrative. Martin is at his comedy best as the loving – but money stingy – father who finds it hard to let go of his little girl and finds himself in a serious of increasingly embarrassing, unwittingly self perpetrated, hilarious circumstances.

4. Muriels Wedding

Toni Collette plays a woman who holds out in hope for love and a more exciting life. The film is heavily sound tracked by a lot of ABBA music, so if you love ABBA, comedy and romance, this is a film for you.

5. Runaway Bride

“Runaway Bride” recasts “Pretty Woman” co-stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in a humorous tale about a woman with commitment issues. Richard Gere plays a journalist sent to get the real story on Julia’s numerous wedding abdications, habitually leaving her husbands-to-be at the alter.

6. The Wedding Singer

The “Wedding Singer” is a cute romcom, starring Adam Sandler with Drew Barrymore.
Sandler hired to sing at Drew Barrymores wedding ends up falling in love with her and vice versa just as he had lost faith in the sanctimony of weddings after being burnt at his own.

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