Things About Wedding Dresses

Let’s face it, one of the most wonderful and exciting things about getting married is your wedding dress! Whether you’re girlie or not – everyone enjoys the dressing up aspect of a wedding, and as the bride, your outfit is the most important of all. So let’s celebrate the wedding gown and look at the best 5 things about wedding dresses:

1.You get to play dressing up!

Most of us wear the same kind of clothes day to day – uniform, work outfit, suit or jeans and a t-shirt. Unless you have a spectacularly busy social life, not many of us get to wear special clothes very often. On your wedding day, however, you have free rein to wear whatever you like! As extravagant, sparkly or different to your normal style as you choose! No one will bat an eyelid, and in fact, they will expect you to turn up and turn heads.

2. It draws all the attention to you

Perhaps this is obvious, but be prepared to be the centre of attention on your wedding day, and rightly so! No one else will be wearing an outfit quite like yours, and you should be instantly recognisable as the bride. This is your day as a couple, and you will be treated extra special by your guests, family and friends. When you wear a wedding dress, even complete strangers will acknowledge how gorgeous you look! Even if you’re normally a little bit shy or uncertain about being ‘on display’, relax and enjoy it for one day.

3. It’s a BALLGOWN!

Ok, whether or not you’ve actually chosen a ballgown style wedding dress, the fact remains that you are wearing something extra special and not your usual daily attire! The majority of wedding dresses are certainly different from daily clothes, or even other special occasion dresses. They are constructed specially and will most likely be tailored to fit you exactly. If that doesn’t make you feel like a princess then nothing will!

4. You can get away with so much more…

A cheeky one but it’s true. Once again, this is your day. Your bridal party and guests are there to celebrate your marriage, and look after you too. Have a ball; dance wildly; take off your shoes and walk around barefoot if you want to; tell everyone how much they mean to you; ask random guests to hold your drink while you go off and dance; kiss your husband passionately in public! Anything goes and no one will think anything of it.

5. Everyone tells you how fantastic you look…and you will believe them

This is the one you need to make the most of. For once, let all your insecurities go. There’s something magical about putting on a¬†wedding dress, having your hair and makeup done, walking out in beautiful new shoes and being admired wherever you go. You will feel like a million bucks and everyone will tell you as much! And most importantly, you will believe it!

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